Stretch: Male Nude

David Michael Lamont photographs the human form in the studio and outdoors, specializing in the male figure.

The nude has a long history in art. As humans, even though we all have the same basic parts, we’re curious about what other people look like in their skin. We’re vulnerable when we’re naked. At the same time, the experience of being nude can be joyful and free from the constraints of society.

Some of my work is self-portraits as I explore what it means to grow old in my skin.

I photograph individuals who have modeling experience, as well as people who have never removed their clothes for the camera.

Sessions are private, intimate, and collaborative. Sometimes I’ll be as naked behind the camera as the man in front of the lens, depending on your preference.

David Michael lives with his husband in Bellingham, Washington, where his studio is located.

A portfolio of DM Lamont’s photography is featured in the March/April 2023 edition of Noisy Rain magazine. Read online or purchase in print.

Lamont’s photography has also been exhibited at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2021.